Is this the end… or just the beginning!


So this is the end… but really just the beginning as this blog reflects on what I have learnt and what I will be taking forward I feel this is just the beginning of my digital journey. It’s been a whirlwind 7 weeks, work has been manic , I’ve had a two week holiday squeezed in the middle and it only feels like yesterday that I was taking the digital literacy test (and yes I do mean the first one! :)).

I have really enjoyed this module mainly because it is so relevant in today’s society, the way we interact in life and especially for how the future is looking to be shaped! And I‘m feeling really excited about it… and most definitely due to being over 35 year old a little anxious about the changes that are hovering on the horizon. My job role doesn’t involve digital marketing so before starting this module I knew of it – how we as a company use Twitter and LinkedIn to distribute our news and interact with our potential Clients, as well as my own personal interaction with social media, apps and the internet but other than that I knew very little of the workings/ theories of digital marketing and the many ways we target consumers but also not to forget the responsibility marketers have to conduct legal and ethical marketing! This has truly been an eye opening experience and will help massively when helping my family with their digital marketing for their Guest House.

My current work load has made it impossible for me to keep track and participate in the student discussions on this module and I will be revisiting this module in months to come and most definitely several times to gain more insight into digital marketing and different points of view.

The following infographic sums up my overall reflections of the digital marketing module and how I feel I have developed through this course.

new-piktochart_31707583 (2)

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